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YARRRRRRRRRRRRR MATEY! Pirates enjoyed a bit of a resurgence with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and now you can check them out while playing video slots with Goldbeard. This is another addition to the collection courtesy of Real Time Gaming, so you know it will be a top-notch effort. We all love the hunt for treasure and you should have no problem finding one when playing this game.

This is a five-reel, 20-payline video slot game that will surely tickle the treasure-hunters. And while the game is definitely about winning the gold, it has a cartoonish feel to it, which will surely bring back some childhood memories.

This game is simple enough that everyone can play but has enough subtle nuances to keep the experienced players interested. With multiple ways to win and a progressive jackpot that can inject some life into your account, Goldbeard is definitely worth a try. You too can sail the seven seas all the way to the bank!

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RTG (Custom)
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Goldbeard is a just a man with a plan…and a parrot. That plan includes finding some treasure but for you, the goal is to bump into the man with the golden beard as much as possible. That’s how your treasure will stack up.

There are 20 active paylines in Goldbeard along with five reels, which is pretty standard. There is lots of flexibility in regards to how much you want to wager as you can start from as little as a penny and go all the way up to $5.

You’ll only run in to Goldbeard on reels one and five, but when you do, you’re going to be pretty happy. When that happens, each face will reveal two, three or four free games. Normally, Goldbeard only pops up on reels one and five but in the bonus round, he’ll also pop up on reel three. If Goldbeard really likes you and keeps showing up in the bonus round, you’ll keep earning free games. And anything you win in the bonus feature is tripled.

Scatter symbols won’t give you a chance to win free spins but your winnings are multiplied when you hit one. The scatter symbol in this game are the Coins. Also, there’s a random progressive jackpot that’s lurking and can pop up at any time regardless of how much you’re betting.

Anybody who enjoys pirates themes will have a good time taking a few spins with Goldbeard. It’s a really whimsical atmosphere in this game that revolves around a main character but also has some fun symbols like a canon and pirate ship.

Think of it as Pirates of the Caribbean meets online slots. Combine that with the always-brilliant graphics from RTG and Goldbeard is a very entertaining winner. Don’t be surprised if the experience keeps you glued to your computer for hours. Try it today and spark that inner Jack Sparrow to find out how much treasure you can come up with.