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Classic Slots

For many players, the charm of classic online spots lies in the simplicity of the machine. Some players are intimidated by too much technology, and that is why the basic three-reel slot remains as popular today as it was upon its invention. The overall gambling experience remains as does the temperature raising excitement knowing the next spin could be the money spin. There are several reasons why slot games remain strong in popularity.

Arguably the biggest factors are that skill is not a requirement. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or have a PHD to learn plus a player can enjoy at his or hers own pace. For purposes of review, classic slot games, also known as traditional games, include three reels and one payline. Many players have never strayed from the original game finding the newer games too hard to understand.

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What is even better is that online slots usually payout at a far greater rate than most land based casinos. The payout rate for most online casinos is in the neighborhood of 95 percent. That means that for every dollar that you wager approximately 95 cents of goes back into your wallet over the long run. By comparison, your payback is not nearly as good in Las Vegas where slot machines payback at around an 87 percent rate. Classic slot machines have been around since the late 1800’s. Some people who confuse the word ‘classic’ with ‘old’ have missed the mark by a mile. Traditional games are enjoyed by both the young and young at heart. The newer machines still offer the chance to win various jackpots on just one pull of the virtual lever and the recently updated machines even offer bonus rounds. Finally, the next time someone asks you if you know who Charlie Fey is, stun them with your brilliance. He is the American who built the first slot machine in 1894. Fey is considered the Thomas Edison of the three-reel slot machines. He was a classic just like the machines that bring so much fun today.