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Five Reel Video Slots

Traditional slot machines have been around since the turn of the century. Charlie Fey is credited with building the very first machine in 1894, but it is Walt Fraley who created the first video slot in 1975. Since then everything associated with online video games has changed. The workings of online video slots and the almost daily improvements to such have helped boost popularity and bring even more players into the online family.

The online gaming world is enjoying a boon in popularity thanks to the numerous technological advancements. Players rave about the improvement in quality of the many games available.

From the three-reel classic machines to the popular 3D games, online casinos offer a plethora of games to choose from. They offer the player an exhilarating combination of sights and sounds, complete with state-of-the art animation.

Video slots are somewhat similar to a traditional slot machine. However the old fashioned mechanical reels were replaced by a video screen. Then the real changes started to happen.

Designers began to make significant developments in the area of game creation. Now most online games look no different than a high end video game for the PC. 3D slots are currently the rage of the industry. The design and numerous features offered by 3D machines have boosted its popularity and those of the other online casino games.

Everyone knows how to play a slot game. Even if you have never pulled the handle on a machine, you know what it takes to win.

Online video games have advanced well beyond the fruit theme (cherries and lemons) and into more creative areas. Depending on the game, designers can be more creative now than ever before. Games are often derived from movies or television shows. Others have been created for events like the World Cup.

With the evolution of the internet, players can now enjoy playing their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to Mother Invention and the endless creative possibilities, your favorite online casino video games will become even better.