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June 17, 2015
One of the most unusual slot game themes online today is Zombies vs. Cheerleaders. Brain-eating zombies battle zombie-killing cheerleaders in this game where free games and big jackpots offer players... Read More
May 24, 2015
Playing online slots for real money is something most people take for granted. However, if you’re traveling to different countries online slot game play can be a whole different experience. Gameplay... Read More
May 19, 2015
If there’s one thing I can appreciate as a regular slot game player it is an uninterrupted session. Playing online slots in my spare time is one of my favorite ways to forget about the rigors of... Read More
May 08, 2015
Anyone who enjoys playing online slots for real money knows that playing slots can cut into a gambling bankroll in a hurry. Not everyone has an endless bankroll; in fact, most of us are limited to... Read More
April 29, 2015
If you’re a fan of mystery and “Who done it” challenges then you will love to play Who Spun It. This online slot game is set at Wellington Manor where a crime has taken place and it’s up to you to... Read More
April 22, 2015
Playing online slots for real money is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy the excitement of the game as well as the chance to win some cash. Some days I end up playing too much though, realizing... Read More
April 13, 2015
Every online slot game player knows that a big part of their play is to take advantage of casino bonuses. Every online casino tries to attract as many players as they can through freebies and extras... Read More
April 10, 2015
As someone who really enjoys playing online slots for real money it can get cloudy at times when to take some cash out of my playing bankroll. I’ve long understood that playing slots is a form of... Read More
April 01, 2015
At one time slot game players had no choice but to go to their nearest casino in order to play their favorite games. But since online casinos have been offering slot games, players have been able to... Read More
March 17, 2015
One of the most popular new ways to play online slot games is multiplayer online slot tournaments. They put a new spin on online slots, and if luck is on your side they can help to grow the bankroll... Read More