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Learning to Read a Slot Machine

It's easy for many players that are new to online slot machines (and those in casinos) to think that they all look alike. The basics are pretty similar across the board, to be truthful — most machines have a handle or button that starts the action and they all feature the same sort of gameplay where you put symbols in a row to get a payout. However once you get past surface similarities, there's actually a great many differences between slot machines. Understanding how one machine plays compared to another is a key part to forming online and video slots strategies.

Factors to consider when choosing Slot Machine games

Coin denominations were once a big factor used by players in determining which game they wanted to play. Thanks to computers and other advances in technology, however, most machines can play at whatever denomination a player wants. It's no longer a game where there are just quarter slots or dollar slots or penny slots. When you play online slots, you have flexibility to play from pennies to dollars on almost every machine.

Multipliers are a factor that a lot of players don't even bother looking for, but they're really important when you play slots online. Certain symbols offer higher payouts and the more coins in the machine, the larger this multiplier can get. Bonus multipliers are also very common; a game may offer 1,000 coins in return for your single coin when you get the right combination, 2,000 when you've inserted two but if you insert five, it's probably going to reward you at a higher return rate than the others. You're likely to get up to 10,000 back in the case of a game with a good bonus multiplier.

A word about Slot machine Paylines

We've discussed paylines before but it's always worth mentioning. If a machine offers more than one payline, take advantage of however many you're comfortable with. Each coin deposited can activate a new payline and the more lines you play, the better your chances are of winning on any given pull. Remember: you get no payout on a line that you're not paying for.

You'll also want to look for machines that offer progressive jackpots, especially if your bankroll is big enough to allow you to bet the maximum every time. In the case of an online slots casino such as Bovada, thousands of players at any given time may be contributing to the progressive jackpot, but the only way to qualify for the biggest possible payout is to bet the maximum. You don't want to lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars because you opted to play it safe.

Slot Bonus Games

Bonus games are a common feature of many modern online casino slots and while you don't have to pay anything extra to play them, it's a good idea to learn how they work to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. Some rounds of online casino bonuses allow you to just earn free spins, which are always nice, but more and more online slots give you the chance to actually exert some control on the outcome. Understand the bonus games and your winnings can increase radically.